• Unique digital countdown chart for your missionary
  • Temple fills up with a colored dot everyday
  • Snapshot of your missionaries area, companions and days left
  • Share current status via Facebook and E-Mail



Missionary Mom’s have been proudly showcasing their missionary’s service for years. One such showcase is a Mission countdown Chart that counts days as they go by with stickers. These charts are usually viewed on the side of a refrigerator or in the missionary’s empty room.

This was the inspiration for the LDS Mission Countdown iPhone app! Now you can watch days of service fly by in the palm of your hand and proudly display to the all your friends and family on Facebook!

Getting Started


1. How can I fill in my profile details?

From the home screen (the one with the temple on it) choose “Profile”. From here you will be able enter your missionaries name, the name of the mission. You can also choose if it will be an 18 or 24 month mission as well as the start date. Make sure to tap on “safe” as soon as you have filled in your profile.

2. How can I add an area?

From the home screen choose “Area/Companion”.  Once there tap on “Edit”. Then tap “Add”.  Select the blue arrow to take you to a screen that will allow you to add information like date moved to area, color of area (this shows up on the temple) and the name of the area. You can also add companions and notes related to that specific area!!!  When you have saved all of the information make sure to double tap on the area that your missionary is currently in.

3. How can I add a companion?

When you are adding an area (see question #2) go to the companion screen. Once there tap “Edit”.  Then tap “Add”.  Select the blue arrow to take you to take you to a screen that will allow you to enter the companions name. Once saved you will be able to add multiple companions if your missionary serves with multiple companions in the same area. After you have added the companions information make sure to double tap on the companion that is currently serving with your missionary.

4.  How can I select a current area and companion?

To select a current area, from the home screen choose “Area/Companion”. To set an area as the current area simply double tap on it’s name. This will also be displayed as the current area under the temple.

To select a current area, from the area screen choose “Edit”. Press the blue arrow next to the area that the current companion is in. Then select “Companion” which will take you to a list of companions associated with that area. Finally just double tap the name of the companion. This will be displayed on the home screen below the temple.

5. How can I share my current status on Facebook?

**Important note – In order to perform successful wall posts you need to enable your Facebook account for secure browsing (https).  This is easy and can be done by logging into your Facebook account from a computer and then going to Account Settings > Security > Enable Secure Browsing.

Now you are ready to share!

From the home screen select Share on FB.  Login into your Facebook account.

The “Post Mission Status” lets you post your current snapshot of the temple and the current mission status.

The “Share App” lets you write and post something that you want to share about your app, mission, etc.

6. How can I share my missionaries status with non-Facebook users?

On you Facebook Profile, go to the Photo Album “LDS Mission Countdown Photos”.  There is a link at the bottom of the page that you can copy and email to others.



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